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Creating wine is an art. In the hotel’s winery, you are invited to follow the freshly-picked grapes’ journey from barrel to bottle. A unique opportunity to learn about the craftsmanship behind the bottle.

Using grapes harvested in Tuscany, we produce about 10,000 bottles of wine per year. Sofia Ruhne from the estate Terreno in Tuscany is overseeing the production process and is together with winery worker Björn making two wines – Winery Red and Black Bottle Rosé.

Thanks to our wine experts, we ensure first-class, beautiful, and pure wines while allowing our guests to follow the whole production process.

Come and experience the art of winemaking!

Guided tours in the winery

Follow the wines' journey from barrel to bottle and sample the wine made on-site. Tours are offered several times a week.


The grapes for the wine we make in our in-house winery are picked in Tuscany and then transported to Stockholm in a refrigerated truck, right after harvest. They are then cared for by us here at The Winery Hotel. Everyone who works at The Winery Hotel is engaged in the winemaking and never is the commitment as clear as to when the grapes arrive.

Every September, the theme at Winery Hotel is harvest. The day when the grapes arrive is very special. As guests at the hotel, you can have the pleasure to be part of this memorable day. In addition to wine tastings and good food, you can experience the handling of the grapes. For those who want, there is also the opportunity to participate in the sorting of the grapes and, for the brave, try out how to make wine as in past times – with your feet.

The grapes are carefully sorted, destemmed, pressed, and pumped into the tanks. This is made under the guidance of the Ruhne family who has made wine at the Terreno vineyard in Tuscany for more than 30 years. The accumulated knowledge of wine and winemaking forms a solid base for wine production at The Winery Hotel.

The grapes used for the winemaking at The Winery Hotel are closely followed throughout the year in the field. When reaching perfect maturation, they are picked by hand and each bunch is chosen with care. Carefully packed into small baskets, they then travel up to us in Stockholm.

Our Wines

We make about 10,000 bottles of wine annually in our in-house urban winery in the lobby – the red wine Winery Red, and the rosé wine, Black Bottle Rosé. Both are made from grapes transported from Tuscany. The wines are the fruit of collective knowledge from many years of experience in winemaking and a common commitment to the craft behind a bottle of wine.

Taste our wine

The wines can be enjoyed in all parts of The Winery Hotel. Enjoy a glass in the wine bar Winemakers Bar, in the restaurant Terreno Kitchen, the Italian trattoria Gallo Nero and in the rooftop summer bar Winery Rooftop Terrace.

The red wine Winery Red is also available at the Swedish monopoly for alcoholic beverages, Systembolaget. In Mall of Scandinavia you will find it on the shelf in the shop and you can order it from the ordering assortment at systembolaget.se.

Welcome to experience the craftsmanship behind a bottle of wine!


Follow the freshly picked grape's journey in our Winery. Take our guided tour and taste our own wine, Winery Red.

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