Black Bottle Rosé

The rosé wine created in the urban winery at The Winery Hotel is made in a limited edition and is consumed only on site. Most of it is poured into the glasses to thirsty summer guests on the hotels rooftop terrace.

The wine is mostly based on the grape variety Sangiovese with a splash of Cabernet Sauvignon, the color is deep pink and the taste fresh and fruity, just like a rosé wine should be.

The name Black Bottle Rosé was invented because of a mistake during the first bottling of the rosé wine. Instead of transparent bottles, dark bottles were ordered and for not having to send them back and have new ones transported to us, we asked our label designer to solve the problem. The result was a pink label with the name Black Bottle Rosé in large, vertical letters. Now it's no longer a mistake but a standard for us to bottle also our rosé wine into black bottles.

Black Bottle Rosé is launched at the same time as we opening up Winery Rooftop Terrace for the season in mid-May, and is served as long as there are bottles left.

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