Black Bottle Rosé 2022

The rosé wine created in the urban winery at The Winery Hotel is made in a limited edition and is only available to enjoy on site at the hotel. Most of it is poured into the glasses to expectant summer guests on the hotels rooftop terrace. This year we have redesigned the label that has a clearer resemblance to the label of the hotel's red wine, Winery Red.

The wine is mostly based on the grape variety Sangiovese with some Merlot, the color is deep pink and the taste fresh and fruity, just like a rosé wine should be.

The idea of a dark bottle for a rosé wine arose to challenge the idea of what a rosé wine should look like. Will it taste just as good in a dark bottle? However, we chose to have a pink look on the label to show that it it a rosé wine. Usually, you want to see the pink wine trough the bottle so that you clearly understand that it is a rosé wine. It is exciting to see what happens if you challenge people's expectations of what something should look like. That's how both the name Black Bottle Rosé and the bright pink label took shape. In addition to the pink label, we also have an all-black label. The same refreshing rosé wine but in two different versions.

Black Bottle Rosé 2022 is served at the hotel s long as there are bottles left.


Follow the freshly picked grape's journey in our Winery. Take our guided tour and taste our own wine, Winery Red.

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