The Winery Hotel is the world’s first combined urban winery and boutique hotel. Featuring our own in-house wine production, we offer a fresh take on accommodation, meeting, and dining – with a love of fine wine at its heart.

You can expect nothing short of the extraordinary. In addition to our wines from our vineyard in Tuscany, we are developing our own signature wine. As our guest, you have the opportunity to follow the winemaking process from barrel to bottle. In short, we have created a unique meeting place for all wine enthusiasts.

The hotel’s atmosphere is quite simply characterized by a genuine interest in wine. We want you to enjoy the utmost in comfort, top-class service, and a strong concept where our wine focus is evident in every detail. The industrial feel of the hotel’s exterior is in contrast with the open, spacious interiors are inspired by winemaking. Brooklyn meets Tuscany. You are met by huge oak barrels in which our own wine is being aged while gleaming steel vats are visible through the glass wall.

In our restaurant’s we aim to enrich the wine experience, natural, locally sourced ingredients, and innovative thinking are key aspects. The menu follows the seasons and experienced sommeliers guide guests in pairing new culinary experiences with high-quality craft wines.

We are very happy and proud to welcome you to The Winery Hotel!


Follow the freshly picked grape's journey in our Winery. Take our guided tour and taste our own wine, Winery Red.

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