Terreno in Tuscany

Our wine journey started at a stone table in Tuscany. During the spring in 1988 we arrived in Terreno to begin what was to become our new life. The romantic dream of a vineyard in Italy soon turned into calloused hands and earth under our fingernails, but at the same time the love for the wine we were creating took root. Terreno stole our hearts, and since then, we have followed its wine from the budding vines to the finished bottle.

It soon dawned on us that the area had so much more to explore than the Chianti Classico for which it is traditionally known. Our fingers tingling with curiosity, we combined tradition with innovation. Many prize-winning wines and awards later, it’s still the passion for creating wine that drives us forward. It is possible to produce first-class organic wine, where the past meets the future – in the same bottle.

The Ruhne family


Experience the daily life of our vineyard. Terreno is located just outside of Greve in Chianti, close to Florence and Siena.

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Via Citille 4
500 22 Greve in Chianti
Phone: + 39 055 854001

For information and reservations about Terreno:

E-mail: info@terreno.se

Phone: +46 8 59 88 31 10

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Follow the freshly picked grape's journey in our Winery. Take our guided tour and taste our own wine, Winery Red.

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