Sofia Ruhne elected chairman of the Tuscan wine district Montefioralle

Sofia Ruhne from the winery Terreno has been elected as the first female president of the Montefioralle producer organization in the famous Tuscan wine region Chianti Classico. Now, she invites her fellow winemakers to a Tuscan festa at the family's The Winery Hotel in Stockholm on November 10th.

Sofia Ruhne has been elected president of Montefioralle's producer organization.

Montefioralle is one of eleven villages in Tuscany's famous Chianti Classico wine region, where the Ruhne family has been making wine since 1988. In this village, Terreno produces the wine Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Sillano.

In 2021, a historic decision was made by the region's producers: Chianti Classico was divided into 11 villages, called UGA (unita geografiche aggiuntive) in Italian.

"Since the beginning, Terreno has been involved and actively supported the creation of the 11 villages. Being trusted to become chairman of Montefioralle's producer organization, as the first woman, further motivates me to convey the quality that Montefioralle stands for today actively," says Sofia Ruhne.

The division allows one to immerse oneself in more detail in the complex terroir of Chianti Classico, similar to Barolo and Barbaresco. The style of the wines from the different villages differs, and each town has its specific character. Terreno's vineyards are located in two different UGAs: Greve and Montefioralle. From the 2024 vintage, it will be possible to write the names of the villages on the labels in the Gran Selezione category.

Like the rest of Chianti Classico, Terreno has moved from making simple table wines to terroir-driven wines where sangiovese expresses its wide range of nuances in the glass. Chianti Classico is today one of Italy's most quality-driven wine regions.

"It has been - and is - a journey that requires sensitivity, continuous change and adaptability," says Sofia Ruhne.

Montefioralle, south of Florence, is a well-preserved picturesque castle village from the 11th century. On the west side of the river Greve, family-owned wineries make nuanced wines from the grape sangiovese. The vineyards of Montefioralle are located at altitudes ranging from 300 to 550 meters, and the soil is rich in limestone, something unique in Chianti Classico.

"The artisan wines made from sangiovese from Montefioralle play more on elegance than strength and are suitable for ageing. They reflect a sense of place, are made without additives and are strongly associated with the colourful and hardworking people who made the wines," sums up Sofia Ruhne.

On November 10th, Sofia Ruhne and Terreno organize a wine tasting and a dinner at The Winery Hotel in Stockholm with about ten colleague-vignerons from Montefioralle. The event is open to the public.

"We are all looking forward to a sparkling Tuscan wine festa in Stockholm, and, as always, my family and I place great value in building bridges between Sweden and Italy. For me, it is important to convey the people and the place behind our and my colleagues' wines; a craft wine, compared to an industrial wine, talks about culture, history, personal experiences and different philosophies. We look forward to sharing that with our guests at The Winery Hotel," says Sofia Ruhne

Text: Tamara Sundstedt
Publicerat: 29 september, 2023
Updated: 11 october, 2023

Tamara Sundstedt


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