Winery Red

Winery Red is a wine born in Tuscany but raised here in Solna. The vineyard workers who have grown, taken care of and picked the grapes in Tuscany are, after harvest, leaving over the responsibility to us winery workers at The Winery Hotel. We sort, remove the stems and crush the grapes before the must is pumped into the tanks in the winery. Once in the tank, the maceration begins followed by the fermentation and then the aging on oak barrels. The wine's identity is a mixture of Italy and Sweden, the rural and the urban. A wine that educates and gives pleasure.

Made with grapes from Tuscany

Winery Red is made from Tuscany's most common grape variety; Sangiovese, with a smaller portion of Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is aged on oak barrels of several origins, of different sizes and of varying ages.

Taste and aroma

The taste and aroma of the wine reflects all the steps of its life: from the terroir in Tuscany and the nature of the grape variety to the accurate handling and the winemaking philosophy. A tasty wine that is easy to enjoy.

Enjoy it on site

Winery Red can be enjoyed in all parts of the hotel. Have a glass in the wine bar, enjoy it together with Tuscan food in Gallo Nero or go for a guided tour of the winery and learn more about all parts of the wine's exciting life.


Production: about 10,000 bottles a year

Article no. at Systembolaget: 31853 (price: 179 SEK / bottle)

Grape composition: 90% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

Aging: approximately 9 months on oak barrels and 3 months in bottle

Origin: Tuscany and Solna

Supervisors: Sofia Ruhne, Giacomo Fioravanti, Björn Forsell and Markus Mattila


Follow the freshly picked grape's journey in our Winery. Take our guided tour and taste our own wine, Winery Red.

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