Gallo Nero

Gallo Nero is closed at the moment. Please welcome to our other restaurant Winery Kitchen instead.

Gallo Nero is the place we meet up for a glass of wine.
The glass of wine turns into dinner and through the late hours the atmosphere grows.

The restaurant has a scent of Italian Festa and embodies friendship. Wine is served on carafe and Italian delicatessen cover the tables. The easy going and social atmosphere is strengthened as the music gets louder. In the end confidence wins over the sense of rhythm!

We are neighbors, we work nearby or are a guest from near or far. At Gallo Nero we feel welcome and at home, from the first time we walk through the door!

A dopo!

No table reservation, just drop by and we'll find a spot for you.

Ps: Gluten free options available.

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Tuesday Closed -

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