Our Story

The world of wine has opened in Stockholm. Featuring one of Sweden’s largest wine selections and our own in-house wine production, The Winery Hotel offers a fresh take on accommodation, meeting and dining – with a love of fine wine at its heart.


As our name suggests, The Winery Hotel will be developing its own signature wine, using high-quality grapes specially imported from Tuscany. Guests are invited to follow the winemaking process from barrel to bottle. The Winery Hotel is also an international arena for winemakers, providing the ideal venue for producers and importers to showcase their products.


The hotel’s architecture reflects our passion for wine, combining large-scale industrial design with a traditional ambiance. The open, airy interiors take their cue from Brooklyn’s refurbished factory buildings, classic heritage vineyards and lively market halls. In the hotel foyer, guests are met by our winery’s huge oak barrels and steel vats gleaming behind glass walls. The guest rooms’ floor-to-ceiling windows and red bricks are perfectly complemented by grape-green walls and golden-brown cork floors, creating a modern, inviting atmosphere.


Our restaurant’s focus is on natural, locally sourced ingredients and innovative thinking – and, of course, on enhancing your wine experience. The menu is adapted to both the seasons and the wines it's made for. Experienced sommeliers help guests discover harmonious and sometimes unexpected combinations of wine and food.

A knowledge and love of wine is, however, not limited to our sommeliers and in-house winemakers. In our aim to provide the best possible service, our entire staff is given oenological training.


At The Winery Hotel, wine is used to enrich the entire hotel experience, treating you to a memorable stay. From the discovery of an unusual vintage to your own personal wine blend, we want to provide you with that little something extra – an oenological adventure, to put it simply.


Follow the freshly picked grape's journey in our Winery. Take our guided tour and taste our own wine, Winery Red.

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