Winery Kitchen

In Winery Kitchen the wine is in focus. Let us introduce you to the sense of well-being that can be achieved when flavors complement each other. 

Imagine a restaurant where wine guides the flavors of the food. A place where everything – from the choice of ingredients to the last grain of salt – is created with the character of the wine as a starting point. 

The different menus tell you interesting wine stories. Choose either two, three or four courses, all created with ingredients of the season.

A dinner in the Winery Kitchen is a demonstration in the art of making food and wine to interact and enhance each other. Come and experience how flavors in perfect harmony affect your well-being.

Ps: For those who do not want to have wine there is a well selected non alcoholic alternative with each menu. 

Lunch in Winery Kitchen

Lunch is served in Winery Kitchen Monday to Friday.

Breakfast in Winery Kitchen

You can join us for breakfast even if you're not an overnight guest (subject to availability).
Price: 195 sek / person (children 0-6 years - free, children 7-13 years - 85 SEK).

Opening hours

Breakfast is open every day between 07:30 am - 11:00 am during the summer.

Contact us

Phone: +46(0)8 14 60 95
Phone hours: Monday - Friday 09.30-11.30 & 13.30 - 17.00, Saturday: 14:00 - 17:00, Sunday closed

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Follow the freshly picked grape's journey in our Winery. Take our guided tour and taste our own wine, Winery Red.

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