Harvest 2021
at The Winery Hotel

Grapes, commitment and a goal in sight - to make wine. The highlight of the year is approaching – the harvest. Join us to experience life at a vineyard during harvest time and learn all the steps of the craftsmanship behind a bottle of wine.

To make wine is a craft and now you have the opportunity to experience it up close. Never is our heart as vibrant as during the harvest. Grapes are sorted, crushed, pumped and fermented. The winery is alive and, just like all wineries in the world, this is the highlight of the year.

Date: September 16-17 2021

Experience the harvest

On Friday, September 17, the grapes will arrive to Stockholm and the work will begin. The weekend September 17-18 is dedicated to the harvest with tastings and activities.

Stay over during harvest

The best way to experience the harvest is to stay in the hotel. You can choose from our most popular offers or book just the room and breakfast. Tastings can be booked separately.

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Visit the harvest without staying overnight

The harvest is open also for you who choose not to stay at the hotel. Come over and enjoy a unique experience, a full day with the craftsmanship of winemaking in focus. A good idea is also to take this opportunity to enjoy lunch or dinner in one of our restaurants.

Day Program - this happens on site

Throughout the day a number of activities are offered, all focusing on the wine harvest.

Harvest Tour

Join a harvest tour of the winery and the sorting area. A winery worker will tell you about how a wine is made from field to bottle.

Wine Evolution

This is an educational tasting that takes you on the grapes journey from the vine to the finished bottle. By trying the fresh grape, the grape juice and the final wine you get to experience the craftsmanship of winemaking up close.

Barrel Tasting

Taste the wine from the barrel and learn how different kinds of oak affects the characteristics of the wine.

winemaker for a year 2021

Take the chance to closely follow the wine's journey from grape to bottle. For over a year, you dive deep into the art of winemaking with, among other things, masterclasses, workshops and tastings. In addition, you get access to our winery, to look at your wine, throughout the production.

After completing the program, you will receive the wine, which you have followed so closely for over a year, delivered to your home.

Limited number of seats.

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The winemaking at The Winery Hotel

The Winery Hotel is the world's most northern urban winery. Here wine is made from grapes from Tuscany. The production amounts to about 10,000 bottles a year. Winery Red is the hotel's red wine, made with the Sangiovese grape variety with a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon. Black Bottle Rosé is made from the same grape varieties but in a smaller quantity and is launched every year during spring time.

The harvest takes place in September, when a large truck gently packed with about 10 tons of grapes rolls into the parking lot behind the hotel. The grapes are taken care of during one whole busy day. They are sorted, pressed and pumped into the winery's tanks. This is a unique opportunity for hotel guests and other visitors to experience the craftsmanship behind a bottle of wine - for real.

The Swedish Ruhne family has been making wine at the Terreno estate in the Chianti Classico area since 1988 and ensures the quality of both harvest and winemaking at The Winery Hotel.

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