Festa del
Chianti Classico

January 21-22 2022

Chianti Classico, one of Italy's most quality-driven wine regions. The climb on the quality ladder does not seem to want to slow down. The region has recently been divided into eleven villages, a division that is the focus of the third edition of the Festa del Chianti Classico.

This is Festa del Chianti Classico 2022

For two days there will be a wine fair, masterclass and Tuscan dinner at The Winery Hotel.

Ten winemakers who all work with the same artisanal philosophy as Terreno, are coming to Stockholm and each of Chianti Classico's eleven villages will be represented.

The initiators of the event are Sofia Ruhne from the winery Terreno and the wine journalist Åsa Johansson. They have both, thanks to their many years as residents and active in Chianti Classico, accumulated a deep knowledge of the district that they are happy to share. Together with invited winemakers and Alessandro Masnaghetti, this is a unique chance to get an insight into what is happening in Chianti Classico right now.

Visit the wine fair

The best way to experience the Festa del Chianti Classico is to book the Wine Dine Sleep package. This includes the wine fair with the producers from Chianti Classico on site, a Tuscan dinner with wines from Chianti Classico, accommodation, breakfast buffet, parking, access to gym and rooftop pool.

Choose to come on Friday 21 January or Saturday 22 January to experience the Festa del Chianti Classico.

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Visit the fair without staying over night

For those of you who want to visit the fair without staying over at the hotel, entrance tickets will be released later.

To make sure to get a ticket, send an email to Camilla at camilla.forslund@thewineryhotel.se and she will sign you up and contact you as soon as the tickets are released.


To highlight Chianti Classico's varied conditions, one of Italy's most well-known wine journalists, Alessandro Masnaghetti, is coming to Sweden for the first time. It is Alessandro, also known as "Mr Map Man", who made the world-famous maps from Barolo, Barbaresco - and Chianti Classico. He is a sought-after lecturer around the world due to his detailed knowledge of Italy's different wine districts.

When: Friday and Saturday January 21-22, time will be announced shortly
The Winery Hotel
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Previous editions of the Festa del Chianti Classico

In 2019, Festa del Chianti Classico was organized for the first time in Stockholm. Watch the film below to get an insight into how it looked like then.

Wine industry & press

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When: Friday Januari 21, 2022

Time: 15.00-17.00

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