Winery Rooftop Terrace on Forbes magazine’s Top 10

"The hotel rooftop bar will never go out of style", says the American business magazine Forbes, as it lists the world’s best rooftop bars today. One of them is the Winery Rooftop Terrace.

When the prestigious American business magazine Forbes listed the top 10 new rooftop bars in the world, one of its picks was a rooftop in Sweden: The Winery Rooftop Terrace on the roof of The Winery Hotel in Solna, on the outskirts of Stockholm.

– This is really fun, says Jan Söder, the brains behind the interior design and architecture of The Winery Hotel. This year, we have invested more in getting the right mood and letting the terrace display its best side, he says.

The Winery Rooftop Terrace blends industrial chic with elements from the wine world. The steel beams above are clad with lush vines that grow up over the heads of the bathing guests in the pool. Wine barrels are used as tables, and all furniture is either custom-built or specially selected by Jan Söder himself.

"The hotel rooftop bar will never go out of style. Whether it's on the sixth floor or the 65th, there's something undeniably appealing about dining, drinking, swimming and yoga-ing high above the streets of the city below. Here are some of the best newcomers.”
/ Forbes, June 15, 2018

– Forbes’ listing us as one of the world’s best new rooftop bars is a huge honor, and of course we are all very happy and proud, Jan says.

The rooftop bar serves Italian street food and wine produced at the hotel with grapes from Terreno, its own vineyard in Tuscany, as well as from all corners of the world. Every summer Friday are Winery Soul Sessions, as selected DJ's create the atmosphere of a rooftop party in New York.

– The Winery Rooftop Terrace has been very appreciated this summer and we hope, of course, that summer will continue, with wonderful weather, Jan says. He says people who want to enjoy the pool there can book a room for the day. Or, better yet, stay overnight and enjoy the hotel’s renowned* comfortable beds and its popular breakfast.

“It's the sixth floor of this hotel in Solna, on the outskirts of Stockholm, where the rooftop life comes alive. Along with a restaurant that serves wine, cocktails and Italian street food, the hotel hosts DJ sessions that create the vibe of being in a much larger city.”
/ Forbes, June 15, 2018

–We wish everyone a warm welcome this summer, for a glass of wine, a wonderful moment in the sun or the sound of beautiful music, Jan says.

Text: Tamara Sundstedt
Publicerat: 12 july, 2019
Updated: 23 august, 2019

Tamara Sundstedt


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