What is Festa del Chianti Classico?

- the wine fair that pays tribute to Tuscan craft wine

Festa del Chianti Classico is held every year at The Winery Hotel in Stockholm. The wine fair is a deep dive into quality wines from one of Italy's most interesting wine districts right now. With about ten to fifteen craft producers from Chianti Classico on site, visitors get a personal wine experience.

Chianti Classico, located between Florence and Siena in Tuscany, stands for quality wine. At The Winery Hotel in Stockholm it is celebrated every year with a very own festa, a Festa del Chianti Classico.

It is wine grower Sofia Ruhne, together with wine journalist Åsa Johansson, who are the minds behind the initiative, which was organized for the second time in Stockholm in February 2020.

- We want to convey the area's dramatic quality improvement and shed light on the skilled wine producers and high-class wines that the area today represents, says Åsa.

Each year has a special theme, such as, for example, the nine different villages in the area or different grape varieties and their impact in a blend along with Sangiovese.

- Sangiovese is a sensitive grape variety that is influenced by its surroundings and changes easily depending on which company it is in. It is therefore interesting to take a closer look at these other components that make up a Chianti Classico, says Sofia.

Åsa and Sofia choose to only invite wineries that work in a crafty way and with quality at the top of the agenda. The farms are located in different parts of Chianti Classico to show the breadth that is here.

- It is such a great pleasure to welcome talented craft producers, as well as our neighbors, to us at The Winery Hotel, says Sofia.

About Åsa Johansson

Freelance journalist who works for SvD, DN, Aftonbladet, Italian Gambero Rosso, Cronache di Gusto and la Repubblica, among others. Åsa has lived in Tuscany for many years and also works as a specialized guide on wine trips to Italy. She has visited all twenty regions of Italy during her eighteen years in the country.

About Sofia Ruhne

Winemaker at the Terreno estate in Chianti Classico. She was seven years old when her parents started making wine here and today she runs the winery. Sofia is an active member of the Consorzio del Vino del Chianti Classico and a true ambassador for the area. Wines from Terreno have received great reviews in both Sweden and Italy.

The wine fair Festa del Chianti Classico is hosted by the Ruhne family at The Winery Hotel in Stockholm. A hotel completely dedicated to the art of winemaking. There is a winery located in the lobby where the hotel guests are invited to learn about how wine is made, from the fresh grape to the bottle.

Wine is the theme in the whole hotel. Wine tastings, wine and food pairings and different, very often innovative, wine related events are organized throughout the year. The inspiration comes from the family estate Terreno in Tuscany and The Winery Hotel is seen, not only as a scene for the Swedish wine business, but also a destination for wine lovers and a piece of Italy in Sweden.

Text: Tamara Sundstedt
Publicerat: 3 december, 2020
Updated: 21 october, 2021

Tamara Sundstedt


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