Wine tasting - One year at Terreno

Meet the winemaker, Sofia Ruhne, and Terreno's oenologist, Giacomo Fioravanti, on October 13th - and hear them talk about a year at a vineyard culminating in the harvest.

Join us behind the scenes at Terreno. What does a year at the vineyard in Tuscany look like? How does the harvest process work? What tools are used, and what should one be attentive to? What are the greatest challenges when making craft wines, and how does one win the title of best harvest worker?

During this unique and entertaining tasting, Sofia and Giacomo will share insights into what a year at Terreno looks like, leading up to the harvest. They will take us on a journey from vineyard to bottle.

We will meet at Gallo Nero at 6:00 PM, taste two wines, and gain an insight into life at Terreno.

NOTE! This wine tasting will be conducted in English.


PS. If you book Wine, Dine & Sleep Harvest Edition during October 13, the above wine tasting "One year at Terreno" is included in the package.

Join us when we celebrate this year's harvest with a harvest party in the Winemakers Bar. Read more and book your spot at the party here >>

Date & time

Friday 13 october, kl 18:00 - Friday 13 october, kl 19:30


425 kr

Terms & Conditions

Free cancellation up to seven days before the event.

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