Bubbel tasting & sabering

What really distinguishes a Champagne from a Prosecco and what is Metodo Classico? Learn more about bubble wine: how it is produced, how the winemaker's different choices in the field and in the winery affect taste, aroma and the size of the bubbles. In addition, you will learn to saber.

About sabrering:

It is said that the Russian Cossacks opened champagne bottles with their saber so that the entire top of the bottle neck flew away due to the pressure caused by the wine bubbles. The bottle got a perfect cut completely without the risk of glass shards in the wine. Sabering is not entirely easy, but with the right instructions, almost anyone can learn. Today, it is done with everything from a blunt kitchen knife or the foot of the wine glass to a completely ordinary mobile phone.

Date & time

Thursday 14 july, kl 16:00 - Thursday 14 july, kl 17:30


The Winery Hotel, Rosenborgsgatan 20, Solna


880 kr

Villkor & mer information

Free cancellation up to one day before the event. Questions? Contact Camilla at camilla.forslund@thewineryhotel.se

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